About The Artist

Michal Elazar Zur was born in 1963 and grew up in Kfar Bialik, Israel. Today she lives and sculpts in Alon HaGalil.
Michal has worked with a number of teachers:
2010-2012 – sculpted under the guidance of sculptor Solomon Leviev in Carmiel.
2004-2007 – studied sculpture and the bronze casting process with sculptress Nira Raz, in the “Makor Yetzikot Pesalim” Casting House in Haifa.
1984-1988 – studied Human Anatomy and Biomechanics, as part of a Physiotherapy degree at Ben-Gurion University. She has worked as a physiotherapist ever since.
1981-1982 – studied the foundations of sculpture with artist Shalom Werner in Kiryat Bialik.
Michal sculpts soft, figurative, medium-size sculptures, in a stylized, impressionist style, occasionally with lyric elements.
Michal creates mainly human figures – mostly women – in their intimate moments, and sculptures of people on a journey. She stresses the elegance of the moving body, using her knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physical movement.
In recent years, Michal creates women sculptures that correspond with figures from the ancient middle east.
As someone who grew up and lives surrounded by animals – horses in particular – Michal explores the connection between human and animal, a relationship metaphorical for human bonds as well.
Bronze is a powerful, resilient metallic material, which is heated, melted, cooled and hardened.
Michal’s challenge is to preserve and accentuate the warmth, softness and emotion in the figures she sculpts.
Unusually for sculptors, Michal processes every stage – clay, wax and bronze – of the sculpture herself.
Michal Elazar Zur presented and presents her work in group exhibitions in Israel – in The Okashi Art Museum in Ancient Acre, in the Castel Museum of Art, in Ein Hod Gallery, in the Jezreel Valley, in Gan Ha’ir and Zadik Galleries in Tel Aviv,  Misrad Gallery in Tel Aviv, Poalim Bank in Tel Aviv, ZOA Tel Aviv, the Artists’ House in Haifa, Alrov Mamilla Avenue in Jerusalem, Hadassah Hospital In Jerusalem, and in Portugal, London, Vienna and Taipei.
Presented in a solo exhibition in the City Hall Gallery In Karmiel
In 2017, she was awarded a certificate of excellence by the northern branch of the Israeli Painters and Sculptors Association, for her sculpture “Farewell 2” (Horse and Woman).
In 2019, she was selected for the finalists round of the contest of Art Revolution Taipei Taiwan with the sculptures “Farewell 2” and “To the Spring 2”.
At the finalists round she was awarded the Gallery Award for her sculpture “To the Spring 2” and is invited to exihibit her sculptures at the next international exhibition of ART Revolution Taipe in Taiwan.